It was the year 1971, three boys of village Khejurtala, just passed the School Final, from a high school,

They decided to form a union of village people for development of their village and its adjacant village Bapulir Chak. To speak frankly, the very word ‘development’ was not very clear to the said three boys, even not to the villagers. However, they have noticed poverty and starvation then prevaling almost in every house; experienced hardship on the way of education and miserable condition of village roads of their daily use, particularly during rainy season.

The boys dreamt up to resolve all this through an association without knowing how and when. The villagers mostly showed an indifferent attitude; but two senior educated youths, one from Khejurtala and one from Bapulir Chak, and a few villagers from both the villages took the boys’ side and continued to inspire them.

Ultimately, through a mass meeting of the villagers of both the villages Gramonnayan Milan Samity came into existence. The three boys make together their old text books and class notes and began to lend them needy students. At that time most of the parents could not afford to provide even all the text books to their wards. At the same time, the boys set a weekly programme of road cleaning. Road means then some narrow muddy lanes, both sides of which were up and middle portion down. The upper portions were covered with wild bushes, the sheds of which were also the public toilets of the villagers. The boys began to clean those sideby bushes and and make the flatten middle portion of the streets a bit up with fresh soils. Many villagers, particularly the little boys of both the villages, got immense pleasure and took part playfully. The new shapes of the streets attracted attention of a good many people even of neighbouring villages.

In the same year of 1971 one of the three boys got admitted in the Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur for his higher study. There he, luckily, came in close contact with Lokesiksha Parishad and its the then Director Shibuda, Dr. Shib Shankar Chakraborty. At that time Lokesiksha Parishad were formulating and executing various programmes for total rural upliftment through a good number of rural youth organisation almost all over West Bengal. Gramonnayan Milan Samity got the right direction of its activities and became associated with Lokesiksha Parishad.

At that initial period, different representatives of Lokesiksha Parishad visited our village almost regularly. Even Shibuda himself came a good many times with sannyasis of Mission and once with some foreign deligates. Noticing the genuine interest of our village people, there striving efforts and dedication to do ‘something good’ they all were highly applaused and began to introduce different programmes one by one. Some of such programmes were adult literacy, child literacy, health checking, nutrition programme, jeevandeep (small savings for rural people) and so on. 

This is how our journey started and deliberately we look forward in the upcoming days, to serve more people, make more stronger bonds with everyone, irrespective of class and inspire more people to spread hands in need.