Vivekananda Shisusiksha Kendra: A coaching centre, started initially to coach the local primary students, ultimately shaped to a full phased primary school up to class IV some twenty years back. Under the present name and style it has well established its importance and utility in the locality.

To make education interesting, at the same time attractive to the children, classes on bratachari, work education, drawing, drama, recitation and above all community works have been introduced in the class curriculumalong with goverment syllabus.

The system, as it reveals, attracts child-minds towards creative activities as well as to community feeling. The result is unique. The number of school droppers amongst our ex-students, until now, stand to be negligible. Not only that, they are continuing their studies in the local high schools, often with good position and ranks in their respective classes.


It was the year 1971, three boys of village Khejurtala, just passed the School Final, from a high school,

decided to form a union of village people for development of their village and its adjacant village Bapulir Chak. To speak frankly, the very word ‘development’ was not very clear to the said three boys, even not to the villagers. However, they have noticed poverty and starvation then prevaling almost in every house; experienced hardship on the way of education and miserable condition of village roads of their daily use, particularly during rainy season. The boys dreamt up to resolve all this through an association without knowing how and when. The villagers mostly showed an indifferent attitude; but two senior educated youths, one from Khejurtala and one from Bapulir Chak, and a few villagers from both the villages took the boys’ side and continued to



- We Find & Fund


- We Build Networks


- We Strengthen


- We Educate


- We Provide Care


- We Consult


Another leaf of a calendar is removed and we pass on another year like all others. During the year in question we, on part of our Samity, have accomplished some activities aiming at our goal. The progress is taking its way to a boarder perspective.

A noticeable change is gradually being prominent in the mentality and livelihood of our village people.